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Best Practices

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  • Project Assessment / Practice Analysis
    We will help you review current data reporting and patient recall methods, perform schedule and patient flow analysis.

  • Marketing plans
    A well defined and executed marketing plan will position your practice to grow in the future.

  • Audiologist / Staff Assessment
    Your staff is your best asset and also your biggest expense. We will help you align incentives to make sure everyone has the same goals

  • Data support
    We will help you measure your progress, success and adjust your action plans accordingly to ensure a plan tailor made for your success.

  • Best Practices / Policies and Procedures
    Patient care is your primary focus, we help groups establish high standards of care that reflect practice values and ensure consistent patient care across offices.

Boutique in Size, Concierge Level in Service

Resolution Hearing Group is an audiologist and physician owned organization that provides its members with hearing healthcare business development support.  Our purpose is to align the owners, practice administration and audiology staff on shared goals including:

  • Growing audiology business across both the ENT clinic and retail settings
  • Improving overall profitability for the practice

We have more than 30 years of combined experience, with expertise in policies and procedure development, best practices and process development, office build-out, expansion, real estate selection, hearing aid practice marketing and staff management.

Resolution is unique in it’s approach to applying real world solutions to every day clinic settings from the audioloogist/physician perspective. Our goal is to offer Concierge level support, individualized for each practice.

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